Player's Report from Last Session

Dear Jack,

You'll never guess where I'm writing to you from! No really, try and guess. Wrong! Try again. Still Wrong! Give up? Ha! Ok then I'll tell you. We're in a giant metal coffin travelling down an underwater river! See? I told you you couldn't guess! Also, Mr. Black is dead.
Let me try and describe what's going on.

Well, we fought off the zombies and camped outside instead. This morning we finally got rid of all that purple fog. It was tough but I convinced the others to come with me into the room it all seemed to be coming from. We couldn't see anything so we were expecting to get attacked at any moment, but feeling along the walls we found a dwarf that looked like he was sitting in meditation next to a fire pit. Three weird seeds were burning to make all the smoke. I guess the dwarf was a zombie as well but Mr. Black cut off his head before he could do anything. Ishy carefully took the seeds outside and put them out. We all took a break while we waited for the fog to disperse then went back to the hall of zombies. We counted over 90 dwarves! Right away we started the grisly task of cutting off their heads before they come back to life. A few of them managed to get up in time to attack us but we were ready for this. Ishy was keeping watch and so as soon as they started to get up we fell back to the corridor and used missile weapons and Ishy's magic scrolls to kill them without too much trouble. We collected all the human's armour and weapons, another good haul of equipment! and left their bodies with the others. Hopefully this means we won't have any more zombies wandering around the upper levels because we've chopped up well over a hundred of the cursed things.

That's right, we found another level! This cave goes down a long way. Once we'd dealt with all the bodies we had a look at the alter (and the solid gold mining tools of course!) I tested them out and was able to break off a piece of star metal from the rock. Ishy says it came from the sky according to all the murals, the dwarves were using it to forge amazing weapons for other races. It must be pretty valuable so I'm planning to come back and take it, when we can figure out how to move it that is! (even A man called Lex couldn't budge it and he's really strong!)
Anyway, when we moved the tools, the alter rose up and revealed a hidden door behind it. It opened into a lovely blue marble room with fountains in all 4 corners flowing clean fresh water. Beyond this, stairs led down to a kind of beach. It must be a natural cavern and there's a river flowing and this is where we found these giant metal coffins. They are about twenty feet long and like a tube of metal that's sealed against the water. Each has a door and inside there are seats and a crank. The crank is attached to a long cable which connects each coffin to a tall metal tower back on the beach. We're not sure what the towers do apart from stop the coffins floating away but I think there must be monsters at the top. Mr. Black climbed up one...There was a shout and then we saw him fall. I tried to catch him using Ishy's big cloak but it didn't really work. The tower must be quite high because the fall killed him. Poor guy. We took his stuff (he had a load of gold!) and I tried to explain things to Fang. The dog doesn't seem to bothered to be honest but I'm sorry we couldn't save his master. He was quite rude and seemed to like killing people a bit too much but he had 2 good sword arms and was the kind of guy you didn't mind having by your side in a fight. We'll make sure he's properly buried at least.

So we opened up the 2 coffins on the shore. One was empty but it's crank was broken. The other was full of dwarf zombies (of course) which we had managed to kill with a skirmishing line of everyone throwing daggers (Even Ishy!) It worked really well but we won't be able to try it again since lots of daggers ended up getting lost in the river, oops! After the battle we were able to take the coffin. When you close the door and unwind the crank the river current carries the coffin downstream kind of like a boat. When you want to come back you have to wind the crank the other way. Incredible what these dwarves had built! The water can't get in so it can go underwater, and even over a waterfall! That was kind of scary because we were just dangling in empty space. Cranking is hard work so I'm writing this while I take a breather. A man called Lex is working it right now...he's really strong, did I mention that? I don't know what we'll find at the end of this river...more zombies I expect! I hate fighting zombies. They are tough and strong and can smash you with both fists so you have to watch out for that.
I think we just hit the bottom so I'll write you again later and tell you what's down here (unless the zombies eat my brain!)

Wish you were here!


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