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City Tour: The Temple Quarter

The Church of Divine Flesh The Temple of Light The House of Dreams The Music Hall Lårs Dig The Maze The Ancestors' Tree The Jewelled Halls The Crimson Church House of Cards Winter-Hold The Pious Pilgrim (tavern) The Holy Chalice (tavern) This is the final part of the tour, through the most diverse of all the quarters and districts of the city. Some call Godsend  the City of a Thousand Temples , and this quarter is why. No one knows how many temples, churches, shrines and monasteries are to be found in the TEMPLE QUARTER. The main ones haven't changed or moved in centuries, but smaller ones come and go, with the waxing and waning of faiths. And it's not just the established, recognised and respected religions; there are numerous cults, hidden in plain sight, worshipping all sorts of demons, devils, and chthonic gods. They're constantly being banished or stamped-out, but new ones replace them, and other sects take over their preaching. It's a tu

City Tour: The Green Hill

The House of Mind, Body and Soul (Council Chambers) Courts City Prison City Hall Tax Office Academy Barracks You can see why it's called GREEN HILL; it's the only expanse of grass for miles. Took them years to cultivate it, and a fair amount of magic too. Trees line the main streets, bushes elsewhere, and every building has its own roof-garden. Only councillors, their assistants and families are allowed to live here; although you will note that none of these buildings, save the Council Chambers, are as richly decorated as those in the NOBLE QUARTER. The other buildings are council-owned, where are laws are passed, enforced and the breakers of such as tried and sentenced. That grand building at the centre of the hill is the HOUSE OF MIND, BODY AND SOUL, the city's COUNCIL CHAMBERS. That's where the council of priests, nobles, and Guild Masters hold their weekly meetings to discuss the concerns of the city. They're split into three factions, each wi

City Tour: The Noble Quarter

Free House of Knowledge Museum of Oddities Twin Towers Theatre You can see the difference gold makes straight away. The streets are maintained, every pathway swept clean, and the buildings almost dazzle with their white-washed walls and coloured shutters. It's always bright here, even at night. See those poles, with the hanging glass bulbs? Lanterns, lit by the Watch every dusk, with enough oil to last until dawn. Locals call this 'Sunny Side', because it's like the sun is always shining. Only the rich live here. The rest of us pass through to visit the library, museums, or one of the galleries or theatres. There're some top-class restaurants, but unless you're a noble, you can forget about getting a seat, let alone eating there. You'll also note that there are no common taverns or inns to be found. Instead there are exclusive clubs, wine-bars, and coffee-houses, all rather expensive. You might be wondering what reason these rich people have

City Tour: Interlude, the Gates

The Gates Sorry about this, but everyone going into or out of the quarter is searched, unless you're rich enough to live there, of course. They don't even search you going into GREEN HILL. Gold and religion run this city, remember that. A quick word about the gates while we queue. They're open dawn to dusk, but as soon as night settles in, the gates are shut. You can still pass through, between quarters, but the Watch have to let you through and everyone passes through the smaller gates cut into the main oak doors. There are other ways to cross; secret tunnels, passages through the catacombs, but you'd have to ask someone else about them. The only gate that refuses to open at night, unless there is some dire emergency, is the gate we've just passed through, WATCHERS GATE. The risk of some monster slipping through is just too great. All right, our turn now. Best behaviour everyone, we're about to enter the NOBLE QUARTER.

City Tour: The Weeping Chasm

Delvers' Guild White Wizard's Tower Monastery of the Silence Hospital of the Guiding Light I can see you're impressed. Hard not to be. I've had visitors stand in awe when they've seen the chasm for the first time, and still be here after the tour's finished and their friends come looking for them. Formed during the battle all those centuries ago, THE WEEPING CHASM stretches due West for roughly twenty-seven miles. It's about a mile deep, and at its widest point, about midway, it's easily five miles across. Smell that? Blood, that is. It's the reason its called THE WEEPING  CHASM: look closely at the edges. That darkness is the blood, oozing out of the torn stone. It drips down into the depths of the chasm; there're rivers of blood down there, so I'm told. You talk to the clerics, priests and monks, and they'll tell you it's the blood of all the gods that died here; the magi will tell you it's the blood of the Wounded

City Tour: The Residents Quarter

Camel's Hump The Friendly Cockatrice Travellers' Rest The Aquarium The smallest and quietest of the quarters, the RESIDENTS QUARTER is where the people of the city have their homes. Some of the traders, merchants, workers and artisans live above their shops, the rest living here. Although, many of the people who live here, actually work outside the city, in the outlying farms or the mines in the hills. It's safer, more comfortable, to live within the walls than outside. Expensive though. There's no space to build on the ground anymore, and the council have refused to expand the city for the time being– they made a start on the East side, but stopped when funds for construction ran out– so new builds are built atop older ones, and that costs gold. You can rent, however, and there are plenty of blocks with single room homes in the shadows of the walls. Thy're not particularly cheap either, but if you ever want to settle down in the city, it's the cheap