City Tour: Interlude, the Gates

The Gates

Sorry about this, but everyone going into or out of the quarter is searched, unless you're rich enough to live there, of course. They don't even search you going into GREEN HILL. Gold and religion run this city, remember that.

A quick word about the gates while we queue. They're open dawn to dusk, but as soon as night settles in, the gates are shut. You can still pass through, between quarters, but the Watch have to let you through and everyone passes through the smaller gates cut into the main oak doors. There are other ways to cross; secret tunnels, passages through the catacombs, but you'd have to ask someone else about them. The only gate that refuses to open at night, unless there is some dire emergency, is the gate we've just passed through, WATCHERS GATE. The risk of some monster slipping through is just too great.

All right, our turn now. Best behaviour everyone, we're about to enter the NOBLE QUARTER.


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