City Tour: The Temple Quarter

  1. The Church of Divine Flesh
  2. The Temple of Light
  3. The House of Dreams
  4. The Music Hall
  5. Lårs Dig
  6. The Maze
  7. The Ancestors' Tree
  8. The Jewelled Halls
  9. The Crimson Church
  10. House of Cards
  11. Winter-Hold
  12. The Pious Pilgrim (tavern)
  13. The Holy Chalice (tavern)
This is the final part of the tour, through the most diverse of all the quarters and districts of the city. Some call Godsend the City of a Thousand Temples, and this quarter is why. No one knows how many temples, churches, shrines and monasteries are to be found in the TEMPLE QUARTER. The main ones haven't changed or moved in centuries, but smaller ones come and go, with the waxing and waning of faiths.

And it's not just the established, recognised and respected religions; there are numerous cults, hidden in plain sight, worshipping all sorts of demons, devils, and chthonic gods. They're constantly being banished or stamped-out, but new ones replace them, and other sects take over their preaching. It's a turbulent quarter, maybe not as crowded or noisy as the MERCHANT QUARTER, but its currents run deeper and it can be deadlier.

Rest assured, my tour only takes you through the safer streets. I'm going to show you some of the more interesting places of worship, before we visit the CHURCH OF THE DIVINE FLESH to conclude our tour.

Don't mind them. You'll see a lot of preachers like those, on platforms of crates, along avenues, streets and down alleyways; sometimes on the balconies of temples; they're the evangelists of their orders, the touts, faith-merchants, call them what you will; some of them are little better than beggars to be honest. Best to ignore them.

Follow me, and I will show you one of the most delightful temples in the city.


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