City Tour: Artisans & Stone Districts

Artisans District

Separated from the dwarf community, the STONE DISTRICT, by narrow streets, the ARTISANS DISTRICT is where all the craftsmen make their goods. Most are sold elsewhere, and most of the workers actually live in the RESIDENTS QUARTER. This district is made up of workshops, forges, smiths and warehouses. If you want anything made, bespoke or otherwise, this is the place to come.

Stone District

We won't tarry here, as the dwarves like their privacy; but this is where the majority of them live. They have their own workshops and forges, but many of them are miners who work up in the hills beyond the city. They can be gone for days at a time, and rumour has it that they've started digging out a new home for themselves.

We'll move on now, and we'll stop for a drink and maybe a quick bite to eat at what, in my humble opinion, is the best tavern in the city; and thankfully not one of the better known or popular.


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