City Tour: the Offal Pits & the Fighting Pits

The Offal Pits

That smell, that's the stench of a city packed full with 13,000 people; and that's just those who live here. Double, even triple that, and you come close to the number of people who pass through the city. All the waste they produce, all the food that's not eaten and thrown away, the corpses of those who can't afford a burial; all of it is hauled across the city, and dumped down the pits.

It's a stony splodge of land, full of natural fissures, pits and sinkholes, which lead down to caverns and tunnels that lead to the gods only know where. There are parts of the catacombs that are said to connect to these caverns, but no one's proved it. It's also rumoured that amongst all that filth is treasure to be found, but you'd have to have the constitution of an ogre to go into those caverns, and no sense of smell. Even then you'd have to deal with the well-fed Otyughs, or Offal-Eaters that live down there, feeding off our waste. Disgusting creatures, but useful, I'm sure you'll agree.

Oh, and if you ever want to buy or rent for cheap, there're a few places available, all on the edge of the pits, if you can stomach it.

The Fighting Pits

Our last stop before a quick visit to the RESIDENTS QUARTER. For sheer bloody entertainment, this is the place to visit. THE BLOODY KNUCKLE, commonly called the FIGHTING PITS, is the city's very own arena.

You can see why it's called the pits: sunken arenas that walkways and those stalls look down upon. The Knuckle is ran by the priests of Aadila, goddess of war, who tend to injuries suffered during matches. Only rarely does anyone die, and that's usually as a result of the rare, but popular, death matches. Sometimes the courts allow a criminal to exercise their right to trail by combat, and this is where they are held.

Ah, look down there. That is a rare sight. Yes, it is a giant spider, but it's no vermin. That, is a LOPPE, that elusive and exotic race of intelligent giant spiders that dwell in the STRANGLEVINE JUNGLE. Somewhere in the city is a nest of them, and they have a temple in the TEMPLE QUARTER. You get a lot of races passing through the City of Bones, some of which you've probably never heard of, let alone seen.

Now, let's pay a brief visit to the RESIDENTS QUARTER.


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