...the story continues...

Played on Sunday, which is only- I think- our third session of the campaign, as there have been holidays and the like creating long stretches between games; in fact, it will be three or four weeks until our next game.

This session was spent largely hiring henchmen, shopping, and (for some reason) finding places in the city to rent or buy; they took a job escorting a dwarf priest to a tomb/temple of some obscure dwarf deity, and explore only three rooms before heading back to the city: they did manage to kill 11 dwarf zombies, and loot a hoard of weapons and armour, which they sold when they got back. They almost lost one of the party: Black Raven took a hefty punch to the head, felling him and crushing his ear. He had it restored back at the city, but still needed two week's to recover. In the meantime, Jacqui went carousing and made a fool of herself when trying to intimidate someone, and falling flat on her face.

Highlights of the game:
  • Using a Protection from Evil spell to great advantage, allowing them to kill lots of zombies;
  • Wasting nearly a hundred bolts and arrows killing said zombies, forcing them into melee eventually, which is when Black Raven took the hit they felled him;
  • Attempting to hire numerous henchmen, and often failing (-1 Charisma will do that), but finally ending up with two reject torch-bearers and a mercenary who was the sole survivor of a company;
  • Spending way too much time looking for places to rent or buy!
Overall, an enjoyable game, with lots of role-playing and laughter. Shame it's a few weeks until we play again :(

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