The Story So Far...

We've only managed to play a few sessions so far, and have another planned for tomorrow, and I haven't been keeping notes as I have for my other game; not enough time to scribble down the unfolding story; so instead I shall scribble down some notes here, partly to how that this campaign is actually being played, and so I have some sort of record as to what has gone down:
  • Three would-be adventures, monster-hunters, explorers met when a hippogriff broke loose and they killed it;
  • They were given a job by a nan whose life they save: to retrieve a stone book from a tomb in the catacombs. This they managed, after a couple of trips and exploration (and looting) of the tombs;
  • They explore more catacombs, slew giants rats, giant corpse fleas, avoided and got injured by traps, found some treasure and have so far survived;
  • Recently they ventured down to the surface of the Weeping Chasm to get some blood to sell on, earning a tidy profit, and hoping that nothing comes bad from selling the wrong sort of blood.
The three 'heroes' are Jacqui (fighter), Ishi (mage), and Black Raven (formally Grey Wolf, an assassin). The have gained a magical shield made of glass and a extremely rare Staff of Wizardry from a trapped tomb that they managed to bypass (randomly rolled treasure).

They have managed to secure a portion of the catacombs for their own use, have a contact who offers them jobs, and are proving to be quite capable for a threesome of 1st-level characters.

We shall see what happens tomorrow.


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