Trade in the City of Bones

Despite being part of the larger kingdom, the CITY OF BONES largely operates as an independent state. It sends a nominal sum to the King's coffers, to cover basic taxes, but is left alone to govern its own affairs.

Due to its location, within the desolate region where the Great Battle took place, little vegetation is able to grow and the sandy, gritty land is sterile for miles around. The city does, however, have dozens of small outlying farms that struggle to produce the necessary food to sustain the city. Wood is also scarce, with the nearest forest several days journey distant, and home to forest elves who call it home; they sell timber to the city, protecting their forest as they do so, coming down hard on anyone trying to fell trees by themselves. The resources that the city does have in abundance are minerals and metal ores, mined by the dwarves from the surrounding hills and nearby mountains, even from within the WEEPING CHASM. The raw materials and the goods produced are one of the major exports of the city.

Water is another valuable resource, with the council owning and maintaining the wells in each quarter and district. Each well is fed from an underground river, with numerous tributaries, and they seldom go dry; however, during the height of summer it is not uncommon for the water to be rationed for weeks at a time.

GODSEND trades with the nearest towns in the North, but none of the remaining Southern settlements are large enough to establish a two-way trade route. Instead, once a week or thereabouts, these small villages and hamlets send their men to market to trade.

Caravans leave the city daily, but the largest leave once a month, travelling along the main trade route for two weeks, returning the same way after trading has finished. Some of the smaller caravans go even further, as far as the tip of the Northern kingdoms. Most of the caravans owe something to the TRADE GUILD, even if it is only for help in organising travel. The Guild has excellent maps, and will send a guide with the caravans for the right price, or a cut of the profits. They also sell or rent out warehouses, wagons, horses, and even guards.

Coins of the City

GODSEND uses the same coins as the kingdom it officially belongs to, although it also accepts the coins of the fallen South. The silver coins sees the most use, followed by gold and copper. Electrum and platinum pieces are rarer, and usually come from treasure hoards looted by adventurers. Gems are sometimes used as currency, but are normally exchanged for coins at either the GRAND BAZAAR or the TRADE GUILD.

The different names of the normally accepted coins are as follow:

Coin Northern Name Southern Name
Copper Pennies Worms
Silver Lords Drakes
Gold Queens Dragons
Electrum Nobles/Luckies Wyverns
Platinum Kings Devils


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