City Tour: Interlude, Cults in the City

Cults in the City of Bones

Now, one thing you won't see are any of the cultists I mentioned before, not during the day. At night, especially in the back alleys deeper into the quarter, towards the North-East corner, you might catch a glimpse of one or two cultists attending to their nefarious business. Most are actually harmless, and a few are nothing more than bored nobles playing with darkness; but for every ten of them, there'll be a true believer up to no good. Keep an eye out, and if you see one, find the nearest patrol of the City-Watch and tell them; whatever you do, don't approach them yourself, especially if you're alone.

If you see someone dressed in a red mask and a black cowl, run! That's the most dangerous of the lot, one of the Destroyers, followers of the unholy God of Destruction, RUIN. Don't fret, it isn't his name you need to fear speaking aloud; you're thinking of that other one, the NAMELESS DREAD of the Southern Kingdoms. Those cultists like deep red robes and have their mouths sewn shut.

Anyone bearing the symbol of a horned goat, usually black with red eyes, is a member of a devil cult, specifically the HORNED ONE itself. Beware of them, as they travel in groups, but you seldom see more than one. They enjoy a good sacrifice, children and virgins preferred.

A skulking cultist dressed in earthen colours and covered in mud worships the demonic MUD LORD, a toadish demon who wants to spread disease and discontent. The Watch and the Sister of the Light, paladins of YALENA, have stopped several attempts to release a plague within the city, thank the gods. They're persistent, however, so there's a standing bounty for any information on the cult, more if you can bring one of the cultists in for questioning.

There are others, but I'd say those are the ones to watch out for.


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