City Tour: Temple of Light & The House of Dreams

Temple of Light

Our first stop is this temple, which, on a clear day, you can see from miles away. Called THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT, this is the temple of YELANA, the Goddess of the Sun, Moon and Stars. The second most popular religion, and one of the adopted gods from the Southern Kingdoms; many of her followers migrated here when the South fell.

The temple has an almost intact skeleton in its Reliquary, gathered together after centuries of searching. The clergy are probably the nicest in the city, dedicated to healing the sick, helping those in need, and they run most of the charities trying to clean up our city. I admit, I have a fondness for this faith; her clerics are the sort you want guarding your back. They run a hospital too, based close to the WEEPING CHASM, from where most of their patients crawl out from. If there were more of them, the city would be a very different place.

The House of Dreams

This domed church actually descends several stories into the ground, with balconies all overlooking the Reliquary at the bottom. The top is glass, much like the roof of the TEMPLE OF LIGHT, but it is shuttered during the day. This is the HOUSE OF DREAMS, where the Goddess of Fleeting Dreams, DRAUGMAS, is worshipped. Her priests spend most of their time asleep. It's said that their souls leave their bodies, entering the Dreaming to unravel the secrets of the cosmos. They're prophets, oracles, tellers of fortunes, but everything is interpreted by dreams, so nothing makes much sense. If you ever have trouble sleeping, pay these a visit; they know hundreds of meditation techniques and diets to help you sleep.


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