City Tour: Questions & Answers, & the End of the Tour

All of which brings us to the end of our tour, right back where we started, outside the PILGRIMAGE INN. I hope, ladies and gentlemen, that you found the tour both educational and interesting, and I thank you all for both the pleasure of your company and for parting with your gold.

Now, before I leave, are there are any further questions?

Mercenaries? Look no further than that long building practically next door. That's the place to hire sell-swords and the like, at least if you want some legal protection and loyalty that money can't buy (although, it helps). It's, appropriately enough, called the MERCENARIES' GUILD. If you're on the look-out for someone cheaper, trawl the taverns or hang-out at the FIGHTING PITS.

The most powerful people in the city, individuals? Well, that depends on who you ask, but if you want my opinion, I'd say that the most powerful magi is THE WHITE WIZARD, old greybeard who lives by the chasm. He has to be powerful, certainly more than those dusty old wizards of the ACADEMY; he wouldn't have survived living by the chasm otherwise.

For my money, the most powerful fighter has to be the BLACK WIDOW, a deadly loppe who is the unbeaten champion of the FIGHTING PITS. I've seen her go head-to-head with a full-grown hill giant; she tore him to pieces.

If you equate power with wealth and influence, you'd have to be speaking of LORD CYRUS, the son of an extremely wealthy Merchant King who effectively controls the economy of the kingdom. CYRUS sits on the council, and manipulates the councillors as it suits him. He's really nothing more than a spoiled child, a bully; albeit a malicious, vindictive one with access to his father's empire. If it wasn't for the priests of the city, I could well imagine him running the place.

And the most powerful priest? That's easy; it's MAEL ISCO, the Patriarch of the CHURCH OF  THE DIVINE FLESH. They say he's as close to perfection as any Consumer can be without dying.

If that's all, then thank you, I hope you enjoy your stay, and may the Gods Blessings go with you.


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