In-Character Play Report: Ishi-Limina

Well, I asked for in-character play report, and one player decided he'd do a cypher: here it is...



  1. Can the DM get XP for working that out?

    1. I think he should be allowed to dismember the character ;)

  2. Here's the translation:

    Whilst the morality of my actions might be questioned by those who
    trained me, it now seems that I am vindicated within the sight of the Goddess. For while it was obvious that celestial forces carried us onward this day, I could not be certain of their provenance until we reached this place. It is a shrine to the Goddess, at least twenty feet below the present ground level of the city, and seemingly many generations old. A crystal prism sits on an altar, surrounded by spirals of rainbow colour (recorded opposite). Underneath or within the crystal there lies a golden spiral, unusual in my experience of the Goddess' shrines, and not without a suggestion of the hidden. I did not like to draw my companions' attention to it - whilst for the moment they too believe us to be drawn together by the fates, for some such threads are quickly severed in the pursuit of lucre. I am lucky to have met J. - she is a strong and experienced monster hunter, and most resourceful. G. is brave (he walks ahead of us checking for traps), and fights well, yet I am wary of him - he wears a hungry look behind a mask which does nothing to disguise it. I trust the Goddess to guide
    me - Y. was right about the signs - I just need to keep watching. We need to move on - monsters are abroad in these catacombs, and whilst I do not think they could enter such a place as this, our time is limited by the torches we carry. Once we find the book, I can return and complete my examination.<i-l:c:sw


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