In-Character Session Report

Dear Jack,

What a day! And what a city! This place sure is exciting! I can see why you ended up here even if I have no idea how I'll ever find you. I already made 25 gold and I didn't have to rob anyone! I did have to kill a Hypogriff tho. That's right a Hipogriff! Half horse and half eagle! It fell off of a wagon that was right next to me, broke free and started attacking people. The wagon driver bailed so I was going to just drive off with it... Then something wierd happened. I turned the wagon around and drove the horses right into the monster! They trampled it pretty badly and then I finished it off with my spear! (you know, the long one I took from that drunk Spartian?) Ha! So now your sister's a Hipogriff slayer! (Even if I have to give those horses an assist) it was amazing, people were clapping and cheering me! Crazy!

Anyway, the hypogriffs owner was pretty angry but this guy who was being attacked by it took me and 2 other strangers out to dinner cos he said we all helped save him. It was dead nice, a real posh place right in the middle of this amazing market! So I tried to be cool and told them I was a monster hunter. The disguise must work realy well cos everyone seemed impressed but then I guess its kinda true now afterall! So this guy hired the 3 of us to get a stone book out of an old crypt under a shrine nobody uses any more...I'd tell you where it is but someone else might read this so let's just say it's a big elven joke.

Can you believe it? My first day here and I'm told about a forgotten catacomb! I havn't been so excited since I won that goldmine playing 'dead man's hand' with your pirate friends. I'm sure this will work out better tho. We've cased the entrance and it looks easy enough, we're just waiting till its good and dark so nobody see's us go down. If this realy is unexplored we want to keep it all for ourselves!

I should introduce you to the others since it seem's we'll all be adventuring together. Maybe they can even help me find you after. First there's this guy 'Grey' I don't think it's his real name tho. He seems like a cut throat type and get this, when he was pulling the guy we saved out from under the Hypogriff I think he took his purse! Ha! He says he's good with a blade tho so we'll see. Then there's Ishi. She's an Iridian mage and has a longer name but its too hard to remember so we just call her Ishi. She seems nice but a bit wierd. I don't know what sort of magics she can do but this is the strangest thing, she has another part of that map you sent me! I showed it to them incase they recognised some of the places and she only goes and pulls out another piece! It looks like there's more pieces missing and she says she's had her piece for ages! Freaky co-incidence or what! It must be like fate or something? what are the chances of us meeting like that and having pieces of the same map! We still couldn't recognise any of the places tho and Grey says it must be Mistress Wiever the creepy spider godess messing with us.

Wherever in the world did you get it? When I find you I'll ask and give you all these stupid letters I keep writing.

Oh well, its propper dark now so we're going to break into this shrine. I'll write and tell you all about it when we come out.

Wish me luck!



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