City Tour: The Music Hall & Lårs Dig

The Music Hall

Hear that? They call that the Divine Cacophony, and this 'music' is unique in all the city, the kingdoms, and possibly the world. Why? Because that's an actual Avatar playing that awful music, the physical manifestation of DISCORD herself, Goddess of Music, the Arts, and Creativity. Her temple doubles as a theatre, focusing primarily on music. It doesn't always sound as bad as that, at least not when her priests and followers take to the stage and play. They host elaborate plays on holy days, play music the rest, sometimes with choirs too. Those choirs are something else; the voices of those children are amongst the most beautiful and haunting I have ever heard.

Bards come here to learn the deepest secrets of songs, to study the mystical musicality that the priests study daily. Some of the most famous bards have passed through this Hall at one time or another; PHAGEAL the RED, the example, before he went South and was never seen or heard from again.

Now we're going to go a bit deeper into this maze, but don't worry, it's still safe, and we're within bow-shot of a WATCH TOWER. I just want to show you some of the more unique 'churches' before we move on.

Lårs Dig

This, believe it or not, is actually what passes for a church in this religion. Not every faith holds sermons or worships their deity inside some fancy building. The canopy merely holds off the rain and occasional sand-storm, and in any other place, scholars would call this an archeaological dig, or site. They'd be right, as it happens, because it is, but this particular one is LÅRS DIG, consecrated to LÅR, God of Forgotten Lore, Ancient History, and Secrets. The clergy are more 'hands-on' than the monks that follow IDRIS, with their library. This lot like to get their hands dirty, digging up relics and artefacts, uncovering the past that most of us have forgotten. It's a sort of 'mobile church', going wherever there's a new site to investigate and dig-up. They often get in the way of others, wanting to dig up the cellars of various places, dig trenches across the streets; annoying things like that. The council have a hard time keeping them in check. Luckily, a large number of them spend their time down in the catacombs, the chasm, and, if you can believe it, the OFFAL PITS.

This dig seems to be going well; that's a sizeable mound of broken pottery they've unearthed.


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