City Tour: Winter-Hold

A tour of the TEMPLE QUARTER wouldn't be complete without a visit to this temple: WINTER-HOLD, temple raised in honour of the God of Death himself, the RAVEN KING. One of the Northern gods, the RAVEN KING stands guard over the realm of the dead, where the souls of the deceased eventually end up. His ravens are said to shepherd the souls to his realm, which is why they are considered ill-omens and can be found on battlefields. They have a reputation of being scavengers, but they're merely messengers, watchers, and shepherds. You should always treat a raven with kindness, especially if you're about to die.

The temple holds the entrance to the largest of the catacombs and crypts, the NECROPOLIS, and some of them are actually rented out to other faiths, who consecrate and decorate if for their own religious needs. The priests run most of the funeral arrangements of the city, largely because they're the best there is. They also sponsor adventuring parties to destroy undead; for despite what you may have heard, the followers of the RAVEN KING consider the walking dead to be abomination.

If you intend to risk your life on some foolish venture, such as delving into the WEEPING CHASM, or the CATACOMBS, then pay a visit here, and drop a few coins in the donation box; you never know, it might ward off death, or at least ease your passing when you finally die.

Well, that's our tour nearly over. There's just one more stop before I return you to the inn, and that's the most powerful church in the city, right on TEMPLE AVENUE itself.


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