City Tour: The Jewelled Hall, The Crimson Church, & the House of Cards

The Jewelled Halls

This ornate stone edifice houses shrines to the entire dwarven pantheon, and the interior is richly decorated in precious metals, stones and jewels. Each of their gods is represented by a specific jewel, and each shrine shines with that gemstone. It must be the richest place in the whole city, and the sight of those bejewelled shrines must be amazing; but if you're not a dwarf, you'll never see them. The stout folk refuse entry to anyone else; even if you lay bleeding on their doorstep. They'd likely tend to your wounds, but would do so outside.

The Crimson Church

Our next stop is this brightly coloured church; when it catches the sun its glow makes the surrounding buildings and streets look like they've bathed in blood, much to the annoyance of their neighbours. This, is the CRIMSON CHURCH, where the followers known as the CRIMSON HAND worship the warrior goddess AADILA, the Crimson Goddess, the Red Hand of Justice, with domain over war, justice, and, perhaps surprisingly, mercy. That sound you hear, the clash of steel over music best described as a musical tattoo; that's the clergy practising their blade-work, which is akin to dancing, which really has to be seen to be believed. They are all soldier's in their church's army, trained warriors as well as clerics. Both the City Watch and army have a lot of followers amongst their ranks, and a few judges too.

These clerics offer training to warriors, for a donation, and can teach your average adventurer a thing or two.

House of Cards

Also know as the HOUSE OF LUCK, this church is dedicated to SAMNANG, God of Luck, Gambling and Last Chances. The followers worship by gambling, in a variety of games, and welcome anyone to their church, so long as they come to try their luck at a game of chance.

If you have coins burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse than spend it here. Of all the gambling dens in the city, this one won't cheat you or rob you of your winnings as you make our way home. If you have need of their services, offer them a game of chance; you win, they'll help you free of charge; you lose, and it'll cost you. Be warned, their price isn't just gold.


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